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The Brand

JOLIE is a luxury handbag collection in a class of its own. Our beautifully crafted compilation of handbags is not your typical carryall. What makes a JOLIE handbag unique is the design, which places emphasis on glamour, corporate style and accessibility. Not only is it an elegant leather handbag, but its accompaniment of additional factors allows the handbag to provide advance options of function and convenience.

Every JOLIE handbag can enhance any women’s organizational skills, while not letting them fall short in style. There is now no need to dig for an important item at the bottom her bag, because the interior of our handbags has individual compartments that can hold all of her specific needs. Those days of trying to carry a handbag that starts to become heavier than your own body mass is long gone. With the exterior of our handbags, there are built in recessed wheels and a telescopic retractable handle for easy movement.

These handbags are designed for a modern woman, who lives in a fast pace world with an active lifestyle. That’s why all JOLIE handbags are manufactured with genuine cowhide leather for durability, and paired with brushed nickel trimmings for a touch of class. A JOLIE handbag is a balance of the future of women’s handbags with everyday practicality and simplicity.

Ivy Chen

The Designer

Even at an early age, Ivy Chen always had an eye for fashion and grew up defining her own sense of style. Even so, after university she decided to take the corporate route. It didn’t take long before she became a young executive with a hectic corporate life that had her traveling the world. She was constantly on the move carrying around an array of bags to store her business and personal essentials. That was cumbersome. After trying to find a handbag that could simplify her work, she discovered that there was an interesting gap in the market for that kind of product. She wanted a specific all-in-one handbag that met her needs and also satisfied her fashion sense, but she couldn’t find one.

Being bored with the monotony of the standard corporate world, her passion for fashion, art, design and travel prompted her to step out of her comfort zone and take a leap of faith. In 2013, after 2 years of research and design, she launched JOLIE, with her own line of handbags that offered luxury as well as functionality. Ivy is an ambitious female determined to have the world see this aspect of fashion through her eyes by creating versatile handbag solutions for all successful women on the go.

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