15+ 60 30 10 Color Rule Trends

60 30 10 Color Rule. 60% is your dominant hue, 30% is secondary color and 10% is for accent color. Remember, we are trying to find harmony and balance!

Design Truffle from www.designtruffle.com

The 30 is the grey of the cabinetry; (the key here is to vary the tones of this accent color to keep the room interesting) Remember, we are trying to find harmony and balance!

The Rule Is Used To Find The Right Balance In Colors Scheme.

This concept is incredibly simple to use. (using 60/30/10 rule) this popular design trick is a great way to keep your interface balanced. 60% + 30% + 10% is the proportion between the used colors:

The 60% + 30% + 10% Proportion Is Meant To Give Balance To The Colors.

Remember, we are trying to find harmony and balance! The idea here is simply dedicating the 60% of the palette to one color (usually, it’s a neutral color), another (complementary) color makes up 30% of the palette, and a third color (accent) is used for the. This color is necessary to enliven the space, add interest, so use your favorite bright shade to make the neutral color palette vivacious or go for some neutrals and pastels to make the bright color calmer.

60% Is Your Dominant Hue, 30% Is Secondary Color And 10% Is For Accent Color.

Three isn't a crowd when it comes to choosing colors. Why are there three colors in this color rule? And the 10 is the black in the check fabrics.

(The Key Here Is To Vary The Tones Of This Accent Color To Keep The Room Interesting)

When you choose a new color palette, 60% of the palette is dedicated to the dominant color — usually, we call it neutral. According to designer maria killam, three is a really good rule for formulating your color palette. She suggests incorporating a variety of comfortable neutral pieces featuring different textures while adding “a pop of color repeated in different materials to draw the eye in.” don’t neglect the seemingly small details, either, rose.

The 30 Is The Grey Of The Cabinetry;

Deciding how to effectively use color in print projects, emailings and websites can be a daunting job. So, what is the 60? It is very simple and efficient.

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